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Be thankful for what you have got - positive-attitude


Did you know that the 911 correspondent in the UK (999) now has call waiting? I hope that you never find out for yourself.

Have you ever had to bring around someone? I honestly hope that you haven't. Have any of your category spent time in hospital? If they have, I hope it wasn't for long.

Well, I have practiced all three of the above the subsequent come to of times in the last three years:

Held in a queue after dialling 999 - 4 times
Given revival to my son - 6 times
Time spent at rest home bedside - at least 18 months

Oh, I just about forgot. We have also been told on no less than three occasions that it would be doubtful he would endure the next 24 hours.

Am I bitter? No. In a way, I'm indebted for the experience. I wouldn't be doing what I am doing now if it wasn't for my son. All of my priorities have been bowed about for the reason that of him.

I could be one of those colonize who lurch in self-pity at how unlucky they are, or how unfair life is. I have selected not to. I have select to take a little activist out of the fact that my 3-year-old son is relentlessly disabled, and will be for the rest of his life. I have quit my job to spend time looking after my family. I now spend more time with my wife, my son, and I can take my 6-year-old daughter to discipline every day. I have certain that life is there for living, and that money (although nice to have) shouldn't be the prime motivator for working.

I can also now be aware how lucky I exceedingly am.

There are many families who have a 'special' child like ours, who is not as fortunate as my son. We are lucky that we have a beneficial daughter. I am lucky that I have a breathtaking wife. Being in this location makes you be grateful for the good things, as a replacement for of focusing on the bad things.

I envy families that can go on festival together, who can play in the park together, or can go out for a meal together. The saddest thing is not what I haven't got, it is those who have got what I want not even realising the lucky hand they have been dealt in this game of life. Be thankful what you are able to do or be, and don't dwell on those clothes that you wish for. If you could realise how lucky you are, then your life will advance dramatically, just like mine. Be appreciative that you have a roof over your head, electricity, television, and administration water. There are a lot of ancestors in this world who have none of these and end up apt more lucrative than you or I.

If you can show thankfulness for what you have, and use your energy towards attaining what you don't have, then you are on the first rung on the ladder to success.

To our Sensation !

About The Author

Gary Vurnum has left the corporate world after to focus on selection others succeed. He uses the instruction he has learnt from in existence the life-or-death situations he has faced with his relentlessly disabled son. Others may not want his life. . . but he is the happiest he has ever been. Send a blank email to sofsuccess@getresponse. com to get his free 4 part account on Sensation - "11 Reasons Why You Will Never Succeed" gary@scienceofsuccess. com


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