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Ten tips to transform your move into a creative life transition.

1. Ask, "Who am I? What do I need to be happy?"

Sometimes you don't achieve what you love until it's gone. My book has more than a few exercises to help: Weekly wrap-up, Bubble-like Witness and more!

2. Hire expert packers -- or be your own pro.

When you pack, you open up the concealed places. Packing up the attic, basement or messy kitchen drawer, will force battle with a part of the self that has not been visited for years. Often "I have" means aphorism "I am. "

Professional packers do not make judgments. They do not sort by means of your closets, sighing over the pants that won't fit anymore. They pack everything.

If you pack your own household, be a consequence the case of the pros.

Pack everything. Pack fast. And don't judge.

3. Pack an emotional first aid kit.

Packing your best intentions isn't enough. When you undertake a cross into the unknown, you pack sunblock, Band-Aids, and insect repellent, as well as the basic medications for unexpected encounters with local food and water.

For your first six months, get ready an emotional first aid kit to deal with stresses you are liable to encounter.

4. Honor your new home.

As you unpack, play your desired music and enjoy your choice foods.

Arrange one room -or one bend of the room-to look familiar. Some associates coin a ritual of settling in to make the new house their own.

5. Build your own tugboat.

Think of a tugboat that guides an ocean liner out of the harbor. Ocean liners are calculated to move smoothly on the high seas and they need exclusive conduct while they're close to shore. For the first six months in your new home, construct your own tugboat -- a brief individuality that can be on the rampage with thanks when you reach cruising speed on the high seas.

6. Make new contacts by doing what you love.

Fill your life with tricks that will be creative and fulfilling. When you care for yourself, you commune concentration and confidence to others. If you are seen as vulnerable and needy, you will appeal to destructive associates and depressing experiences.

7. Be your own best camp counselor.

Camp counselors, boarding drill directors and drill sergeants know: If you fill the time, newcomers won't have time to be homesick. Fill your own schedule!

8. Celebrate everyday life.

Think small.
A walk about the lake.
A achieve cup of chocolate in a adjoining auburn shop.
A forthcoming face at the local hardware store.

Listen for the moments when you say, "I could get used to this. . . "

9. Ask The Big Move Question: Can I still be me?

Moving interrupts identity. The cloak-and-dagger to a doing well move depends on how you counter the question, "Can I still be me?"

10. Board on an adventure.

Believe it or not, many citizens love to move and express their relocation as a great adventure! I like to contrast heartbreaking to time travel. After the affecting van has been loaded, you go to sleep in a bare room. The next morning, you wake up to a world of exciting possibilities.

No be of importance what happens, you will find at least one compact of joy in your new life. All I've interviewed said, "Even when I was happy to move, there was at all times a bit I hated to leave behind.

"And even when I dreaded moving, there was constantly a bit astonishing that I had never expected. "

Details of each point can be found in Creation the Big Move, formerly available as a trade paperback, now existing for immediate download.

About The Author

Cathy Goodwin, Ph. D. , is an author, loudspeaker and career/business consultant, portion midlife professionals take their First step to a Back Career. http://www. cathygoodwin. com.

"Ten secrets of mastering a major life change" mailto:subscribe@cathygoodwin. com

Contact: cathy@cathygoodwin. com 505-534-4294


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