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How do you regularly treat yourself? - positive-attitude


In order to learn how to relieve ourselves of self-defeating patterns, the clear first step is to develop into aware of what these patterns are.

The easiest way to do this is austerely to befit a casual observer of your own activities and to take stock of how you treat yourself. Note both the damaging and the categorical aspects.

Don't make a big chore of this. Cleanly be going to to "hear" what you tell by hand as you go about your business. Become aware of how you "look" at yourself. Do you ever smile at physically in the mirror? Do you ever greet physically as a celebrity you're glad to see?

After you've monitored physically for a day or two, ask yourself which one of these categories you fall into.

1) You continually look at by hand with a disapproving eye and you often mentally refer to physically as stupid, lazy, clumsy, ugly, gross, or other corrupting terms.

You constantly command exterior justification in order to feel even central ample about yourself.

2) You avow a "neutral" advance to your own person, hardly even noticing everything in actual about yourself. You just take yourself, your appearance, and your performance for granted.

It's more or less as if you were a non-entity whose job it is to just keep viewing up, but you absolutely don't take any real pleasure in your own company. You base your worth primarily on how others react to you.

3) You make a point of it to treat by hand with the best respect. You speak to physically in only the most considerate and heartening tones. You actively note and catalog appreciation for your most likeable qualities and you enjoy your own company. You avow this outlook in spite of what others' opinions of you may be. After all, it is your opinion and corroboration that be of importance to you most.

Clearly, this last decision is what we are motivated for. Contrary to what some may think, this is not egotism or egotism. It is self-affirmation. It is creating a open "alliance" with a celebrity who will be with you the rest of your days.

Other colonize come and go, and among the ones who stay, they are primarily listening carefully on their own lives.

It is no one's conscientiousness but your own to authorize your existence. You are the only one who can endow with physically with the constant, abiding, total acceptance that we all crave.

~ Tips for Development ~

Tip #1 - Every time you look in the mirror, look by hand in the eye. Stay there, don't look away. (Some associates have trouble doing even this much. ) Now, smile at by hand with just your eyes, nonentity phony.

Acknowledge the face in the glass as a dear friend, whose opinion you admire, whose assist you feel privileged to have. THIS is the character you most want on your side. Not the big "they" out there, as in "What will 'they' think?" It is now: "What do YOU think, my dear acquaintance in the looking glass?"

Tip #2 - Directly drop any negative, insufferable or belittling explanation to yourself. This includes any tacit comments.

For example, do you ever look at manually in the mirror and groan? I'm sorry, but I must tell you that this is just plain rude! How do you think you would react if a celebrity else did that to you? Wouldn't you be insulted and hurt and just a a small amount appalled at that person's bad manners?

And would it ever occur to you to treat one of your links that way? You wouldn't do it! You would achieve how harsh and tactless such a answer would be. You would doubtless look at your associate with caring concern. You might wonder if he is sick or if he's been being paid adequate rest, but you emphatically wouldn't look at him and say, "Ugh!"

So why is it that ancestors let themselves get away with treating themselves so shabbily?

Perhaps no one has ever incisive this out to you before. Or maybe you have never given physically authorization to treat yourself gently before.

Now that you've been made aware of this, I trust you will find it easy and amply attractive to make these down-to-earth changes. And these two changes alone will consequence in some profound home shifts.

So the new order of the day is this: If it's not a bit that you would say or do to a dear friend, then you do not say or do it to yourself, period.

I hope that you will give these techniques a critical workout. Your emotional well-being is well worth the effort. It is the foundation upon which all else is built.

Rosella Aranda, intercontinental marketer, editor and author, helps entrepreneurs break their limitations and enjoy greater freedom and satisfaction. Sign up for her free mini-course at http://www. SabotageThyselfNoMore. com/ Kind encouragement at http://www. Calling-All-Entrepreneurs. com/


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