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A Clarification For Trouble? Try This Breath Of Fresh Air!

I just heard the story of a man who hired a plumber to fix an old farmhouse. After he had completed a rough first day on the job he realized he had a flat tire which made him lose an hour of work; then his stimulating drill quit, and then his truck refused to start.

5 Tips To Keep Happy... Even In Wartime

The world is going downhill nearer than an Olympic skier. Terrorists lurk about every corner.

Then My Boss Said, Take That Fear And Shove It!

Hey gang; Ok it's time to build some good habits. You know, like ingestion a pork barrel full of Ben and Jerry's ice cream at 3 am in the morning.

In The Midst Of A Storm, Theres A bit More!

Have you truly tried and still failed? Have you hard-pressed on a piece of filament so long that you think Methuselah would be proud of you? Have you held your temper so long that you feel you're about to blow a gasket? Well?..

10 Tips to Cope with Denial Emotions at Work

It's a fact of life - if you want to accomplish something in business, you need to know how to interrelate and connect for practical purposes with your employees, affair partners, vendors, prospects, and customers. As a small big business owner, this might absorb rapid shifting from one type of foreign language to another.

The Mind's Power Fusion Component

It is broadly alleged that just any person has the intrinsic aptitude to disclose an idea that will engender the revolutionary change(s) the world needs. That's erroneous!As no man can give what he does not possess.

Stinking Assessment Makes Hope A Dope

Many centuries ago there was a Greek philosopher who lived on the Aegean Sea and hunted to go to Carthage. He was a very well educated professor of logic, so he absolute he ought to do the very thing he qualified his students.

Eight Down-to-earth Anger Management Tips

"The other night I ate at a real ancestors restaurant. Every table had an case going.

Train Your Brain, Or Cook Your Goose!

One day while in deep contemplation and self analysis, a paralyzed man bare the most crucial anyone he would ever meet in his life. He saw very obviously that HE was a "mind with a body".


With the creation of a new year, are you happy with your life the way it is now? You just set new goals and resolutions for 2003 but are you fulfilled with where you are now?This is a acute difficulty that you need to ask yourself. You can't get to where you're going if you don't know where you've been.

In A Slump?, Cheer I Say, Rejoice!

Yea, I know..

Words, Ignorance, And Casper The Affable Ghost!

Words, Ignorance, and Casper The Open Ghost!Do your best to agree to this or do your best to fight it: but, "You are a mind with a body". For the reason that you are, you have spiritual powers.

Need A Miracle? Build One, Everyday!

Henry Ford, after he had achieved great success, was the business of much communal criticism. Many colonize brain wave that he was very lucky, some belief he was a genius, some brain wave he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, some accepted wisdom that brawny acquaintances and influential ancestors were the "secret" of his great success.

Lifes Curveballs

Do you achieve how good you have it? Yes, each has problems, but it could be worse than what it is now. Yes, each one has a bad day or two, but it could be worse.

An Apply To Open Your Mind To Your Possibilities

Everything exists twice. First, in your mind.

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